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What is Akshara?

Akshara is a well-researched endeavour to address the cause of learning, which will be facilitated essentially through the child’s own culture. It has been established with some basic principles:

  • Learning in school is an extension of learning at home.
  • Learning system progresses from near to far and from the known to the unknown.
  • Teachers are there to help the child discover her/his own self.
  • Teachers also learn to rediscover their own self.
  • Learning should be more than reading, writing and counting.
  • Learning should also include singing, speaking, dancing & discovering the inner as well as outer worlds. Bi (multi) lingual medium of education.

Why is Akshara different?

  • Well-trained professionals, thinking parents / researchers as core members.
  • Better learning atmosphere.
  • Use of innovative methods of learning.
  • Informative education.
  • A sense of aesthetics is inculcated in a natural environment.
  • Active interaction with parents.
  • A two-way learning process where the teachers are open to learning.
  • Members ready to learn and accommodate novel ideas from parents and learners.
  • Active participation of the community.


Funds from AID Australia for one year
are being utilised to develop some
learning facility of 30 economically
challenged children.





, S-44, Phase I, Maitri Vihar.
Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Orissa - 751 023.
Ph.: 98610 54679 (M), 2303205 (R), 2404074 (R)

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